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Have you been feeling stressed this summer? If so, I can relate. This is why today we are going to talk about five ways to create a more serene, stress-free home.

1. Yard work and gardening. It may seem like getting dirty in the yard would create more stress than it would relieve, but studies have proven that working in a yard or garden can combat anxiety, stress, and depression. When you plan your garden, remember that you want to choose crops wisely. Swiss chard, which is full of magnesium, can promote energy which helps with depression. Also, cherry tomatoes help stop the build-up of pro-inflammatory compounds linked to depression.

2. Bring your plants inside. We all know that bringing your plants indoors can help filter pollutants in the air, but did you know that plants can also improve your mood? Scientific evidence suggests that when people bring greenery into their office, they are more productive. Plants have also shown to help hospital patients tolerate pain a lot better when plants are present.

Decluttering your home, reconsidering its color, and bringing plants inside are all considered principles of feng shui.

3. Add a water feature. Being in nature for as little as five minutes can reduce stress hormones, so adding water features that imitate nature can greatly boost one’s mood.  

4. Reconsider your colors. Color can have a huge impact on our emotional response to a space, so do a self-evaluation to determine which colors may most benefit you. For example, if you need help sleeping at night, blue might be a good color for your bedroom.

5. Apply the principles of feng shui. All of the tips mentioned thus far are considered principles of feng shui. Beyond what we’ve already covered, leaving your shoes at the front door is another great idea. Doing so is a purposeful way to symbolize leaving all the stresses from outside life at your front door, instead of bringing them into the safe haven that is your home.

If you have any questions about this or are interested in buying or selling, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.