“It was a very pleasant experience. Originally working with Ashley, she was my selling agent because I have never sold a house before so there was a bit that I needed to learn to make sure that we could get the house in great shape to get a quick sale. She was very pleasant, very helpful, very knowledgeable as far as the things that needed to be done when it came time to getting offers and things that we needed to look out for. You know, she really had out best interested in mind and it was the best possible situation that I could’ve asked for and the house sold quickly!

Honestly, every step of the way was above and beyond. Like I said I couldn’t have asked for a better agent and I also want to mention that originally I was going to sell and buy, but things kind of fell through as far as buying. Our buyer’s agent was equally as knowledgeable, helpful and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I don’t think there’s anything that could’ve went better with the way everything went down so I was very, very pleased.”