1)  Don’t Always Choose the Cheapest Quote

Those with the cheapest quote often cost you the most in the long run so, be careful!

2) Check the Calendar

While weekends are a great time to move because it is your day off, so is everyone else’s which means that moving companies rack up their prices on these days. Avoid moving during the summer and during the 1st, 15th, 30th, and 31st of the month to get better prices!

3) Pack Without Emotion

Try to keep what you want and need and get rid of the extra baggage quickly; it’s those moments looking at your old high school yearbook that draws packing out to taking months rather than days.

4) Get the new Place Cleaned Right Before You Move

Making everything clean before you move in makes putting stuff into the home easier. This way, you won’t have to work around dust bunnies when you’re decorating your new home.

5) Measure Twice, Move Once

If a piece of furniture isn’t going to fit in your new home, toss it, donate it, or sell it! "Measure it twice and move it once" is a saying to live by in the moving industry.

6) Pack Smart

There are tons of tips out there to moving smart, one of my favorite lists compiled by Colleen B. from Expert House Tips.

7) Check Permits

Some small areas require a permit to drive moving trucks on streets so make sure you check your area on the DMV’s page in your area. (Don’t worry, most moving permits cost around $2).