1. Choose a reputable developer. You need to know if you have a good builder, talk to people in the community and check online reviews.
  1. Be add-on aware. Add-ons will drive the price up, just like when buying a new car. Make sure to know that your higher quality materials will cost you! Ex. granite, crown molding, additional bathrooms, wainscoting.
  1. Stay involved in the building process. Keep in regular contact with the contractor so you know of any issues that come up, ask for regular meetings to discuss the progress.
  1. Learn the neighborhood. Partner with an agent who knows the area and also meet your new neighbors!
  1. Be flexible. Deadlines need to be a little flexible, issues are going to come up when you are building a new home. Be prepared to have a place to stay in case you need to be out of your old home before your new one is ready.
  1. Plan a walk-through. Don't feel like you are being a pest! You are spending money on this home and want to make sure everything is going well. Ask your agent for tips on what to check on progress wise.
  1. Inspect before you move in. An inspection can cost some money but not as much as finding those things only an inspector can and fixing them after they have gone rampant.
  1. Look into new home warranties and ask your agent for referrals on home insurance, we are a wealth of knowledge and want the process to go smooth for you!